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Ashes in the Ocean by Sebastian Slovin - a review

Book details :

Paperback : 200 pages

Genre : Memoir

Publisher : Nature Unplugged (March 2018)

ISBN-10 : 978-0-692-05119-1

Book description :

Vernon Slovin was a legend. He was one of the best swimmers in his home country of South Africa, and for a time, in the world. He prided himself on being the best. The best in sports, business, and life. He had it all, a big home, athletic prestige, fancy clothes and cars, and a beautiful wife and family. Everything was going his way until it all came tumbling down. He lost everything, including his own life. In the wake of his suicide he left his wife and two young children.
In this riveting memoir, Vernon's son, Sebastian Slovin chronicles his experience of living in the shadow of a suicide, and his journey out of the darkness and into the light. Slovin shares his quest to uncover why his father took his own life. A pilgrimage that led him around the world and eventually back to himself.
Ashes in the Ocean is a powerful story about facing one…

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